Our Story

"La Rêveuse" is French for a dreamer, someone who likes to imagine and create. La Reveuse began in 2009 as just a dabbling in graphics and a place to discover what could be done with digital art. It was not the first website, but the third, and the one that finally felt right. It became a place to explore creativity and to off free graphics to those who enjoyed the results of trials and experiments.

Work Space - Painting

Now, it has now grown into a place where we could create digital art to capture your special moments. From cards and digital art to printed stationary, La Reveuse Design has something to offer for everyone. While we offer pre-set art and cards that can be customized to fit you, we also offer the option to create completely new designs made just for you or your business. We hope that you find something here that fits your personal style and if not, we hope that you keep us in mind for a custom design.

Product Creation- Diapers

How We Create Our Products

We constantly look for the latest trends to incorporate into our designs to keep up with your ever changing styles. We strive to give you the best quality product we can starting with our materials and ending with those final touches to make sure your products are consistent and beautiful! We believe that to create something great, we have to begin with using quality materials. Our physical products use high quality paper from strong brands such as American Crafts, Bazzil, and Mohawk paper. We add finishing details with products from Ranger, Viva, Sizzix, and many more. With the combination of wonderful tools and original designs, we are able to create unique designs that cater to you.

About the designer

Designer Photo

I’m Stephanie and I own La Reveuse Design. I have always enjoyed crafts but especially drawing and creating. As I got into my teens I found the world of digital art where there were so many different styles, techniques, and applications. I started out in MS Paint just making pixel graphics and from there, I graduated to Photoshop and just learned from playing with different tools and figuring out how to mimic styles I liked. It has always been a passion I had, but I never thought it was something I could really pursue as a career. I saw what others could do and felt it was a level I could never achieve, as though they had a natural knack for it and I would always be trailing behind, trying to catch up. When it was time to go off to college, I briefly considered studying graphic design and then brushed it aside, knowing that I couldn't thrive in a field where I wasn't good enough.

Doubt got in my way. Lack of confidence held me back. I wish they hadn't, but I've always had a hard time believing in myself as far back as I can remember. Once upon a time it was another voice telling me that I wasn't good enough. At some point, I realized, that gnawing, grating voice had become my own. I struggled with seeing my strengths, constantly blinded by my glaring flaws. I didn't believe in myself or feel as though I had a lot to offer. I went through a few jobs over the years, trying to find the one that could redeem me, that could give me a small dose of pride.

It turns out that I could be good at a lot of things. I  was commended for doing solid work, for putting in a lot of effort, for going above and beyond. I have been many things over the years and even though I did well at each job, it didn't really change things for me. I still wasn't happy because at the end of the day, even if I was successful, I still couldn't find the pride and confidence I was seeking.

That's not to say I didn't gain anything from those experiences-- I definitely did. I learned that I am a much stronger person than I thought I was. I found a persistence within myself to not give up on things and a creativity to find solutions to almost any problem. I realized that no matter the job nor whether I actually enjoyed it or not, I commit to doing my best because I'm determined to exceed expectations.

Designer Photo

And in all of this, through all of the schooling, the jobs, the hardships, I was lucky enough to have the most amazing man behind me. He was there to catch me during my worst falls, he was there to help me to learn to stand again. He has fought an uphill battle to quiet that unrelenting harsh voice in my head and continues to. Honestly, I still struggled with finding my confidence; I've learned over the years that it's ones of the easiest things to lose and one of the hardest to rebuild. I finally came to the realization that even if I excelled at any of these jobs, I wasn't happy unless I was creating. With the never ending support of my husband, I ignored the doubt (and that wretched little voice telling me "no") and took the plunge. It has been a bumpy ride and only time will tell whether La Reveuse Design will be a great success. Either way, I'm grateful for the experience and for all of the support. I'm grateful that I found that little bit of confidence to do the the work I truly take pride in.