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  • Mini Gilded Note Cards Gilded Mini Note Cards (8/14/2017) - Whether it’s to say thank you or just a small note, I think the old form of note writing still has the most personal touch. It’s always something special when you get a hand written card as opposed to a quick email or text! I decided this week to run with this and make mini […]
  • Adventure Awaits Bookmark Back to School Bookmarks (8/7/2017) - Around here it’s already time to go back to school– it’s crazy! I swear when I was a kid the summers seemed longer, we’d get out at the very beginning of June and then wouldn’t go back until the week before September. Anyhow, I thought it might be fun to add some printable bookmarks to […]
  • Small Business Labels (8/1/2017) - This week’s post is another one for all of the small businesses out there. I reached out and asked around what small businesses would want in terms of graphics and one idea was thank you labels. I wanted to make something simple, clean, and elegant. I also wanted to create something that both had a […]
  • Sunshine Wall Art Find Your Sunshine (7/24/2017) - I decided to add some cheery, colorful wall art on this rainy, summer day. I wanted to create something to remind us to stay positive and even when it is hard– to always search for that silver lining. Today’s post include a free wall art design for you to print and use wherever you’d like! […]
  • Mermaid Party Decor Watercolor Mermaid Stickers (7/17/2017) - This week I decided to ride along the mermaid wave and add some watercolor-style stickers! After all, what kid doesn’t love stickers? I know I used to put them on everything and had a whole book of my favorite ones when I was a kid. These DIY printable mermaid stickers are great to pass out […]